Enviroseal ProctorWrap

Want just a wrap or the right wrap?

Bradford Enviroseal Wall Wrap is installed under the external cladding of homes providing superior condensation control and water protection. In fact, it’s so good it exceeds the specifications of its main competitors in the market. Our task was to reach builders and position Enviroseal in their minds as not only a premium product but also the right choice to use under lightweight cladding. Under the campaign theme “The Right Wrap”, we suggested that installing any other wrap could be seen as a compromise. As the creative was based on claims of superior performance, builders were invited to “Uncover the Facts” for themselves at a specially designed website. An integrated campaign was developed that included ads in both print and online trade publications, a range of POS material and a brochure featuring a clever die-cut that revealed the product under the cladding. The concept was also carried through to an online video and across social media.

What we did